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One door closed, and the whole world opened

I found this story about a football player who was cut from the Detroit Lions at the beginning of this football season. The Lions are a team who would go on to lose every game this year and finish 0-16, something no other team had ever done.

Within a week he signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers and is now a Super Bowl Champion.

Sean McHugh and Willie Parker

Sean McHugh and Willie Parker

Sean McHugh had just survived final cut day with the Detroit Lions, meaning he was all but assured another year in professional football. He hoped to start at fullback and would play for the league minimum – about $520,000 for his experience level. But just before the first practice in September, he was summoned to the office of team president Matt Millen. He knew the drill. He was released.

Something popped out of this story at me. Of course there are the obvious things like “never give up hope” and “things always work out for people who work hard.” But there is something else hidden in these few lines —

Three days later he was signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the season. He’s been mostly a reserve fullback, making the most of his chances, doing the dirty work of blocking. He’s marveled at the culture of success that the Steelers organization has established.

“There is an expectation when you become a Pittsburgh Steeler that you’re going to win,” he said. “And anything less than that is not acceptable. In Detroit it was like you were hoping to win.”

“A door closed,” McHugh said, “and a world opened.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers foster a CULTURE OF SUCCESS. During these challenging times we have to remember that we also have a lot of success, experience and talented people to be proud of. We can’t lose sight of our own culture of success, and be sure we’re pushing forward and making positive things happen every day. Good things will happen for people who work hard.

We are an industry leader, one of the best at what we do. We should always remember that.

Read the full Yahoo Sports story here: http://tinyurl.com/dkhvqp

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