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37 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests

Wow Your Guests with an Absolutely Unique Wedding Day!

37 Easy, Cheap (or Free) Ways to Make Your Wedding Awesome!

Get the full report here: 37 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests.

Once again we’re teaming up with Stephanie Padovani from New York to give another FREE tool to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Have you ever walked into a beautiful, historic building, or climbed to the top of a hill with a gorgeous view, or heard such powerful music that you just lost your worlds for a minute? It’s like you were so absolutely overwhelmed by what you saw, heard or felt that it just blew you away?

That’s the Wow Effect.

“Wow” is that overwhelming moment of appreciation when you’re so moved that you can’t even express it.

When your guests experience the Wow Effect at your wedding they won’t just be impressed, they’ll real “get” who you are and why you chased this wedding day, why you chose this location, and why you chose this man to marry.

You guests will be wowed when your wedding day is a totally unique expression of you.

The Wow Effect happens in a group when you have people involved, connected and engaged in what’s going on.

The key to the Wow Effect is something called Engagement. No, I’m not talking about the kind of engagement that happened to you when your man got down on one knee, popped the question and you said yes.

To Engage means “to occupy the attention of someone” or “to attract and please.” It’s what happens when you’re really into what you’re doing.

The best way to wow your guests and get them engaged at your wedding is to give them the emotional experience of a wedding that is totally you. The secret to having a wedding that really fells like “you” is weaving your personality into your wedding day as much as possible.

There are a lot of different ways to do this.

  • Tell your story.
  • Involve your talented guests.
  • Use music that creates memories.
  • Get your guests actively involved.

Your wedding day should be special and unique and fun for all. Part of making it special and memorable for your guests is to engage and include them.

Here is the report that contains 37 fresh ideas and ways you can engage and involve your guests and help make your wedding day unique, memorable and totally you! And 3 worksheet to help you collect your thoughts and make your wedding day memorable.

37 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests 37 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests.

Wow Factor Worksheet Wow Factor Worksheet.

Your Story Worksheet Your Story Worksheet.

Your Dream Wedding Worksheet Your Dream Wedding Worksheet.

These tools can help you make your wedding unique, engaging, fun and memorable for you, your family and your friends.

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