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Jenny & Tom – Wedgewood, The Retreat, Corona, CA

Here is a quick look at the photos from Jenny and Tom’s wedding at The Retreat. The Champion’s Club at The Retreat is a beautiful outdoor wedding venue with great view overlooking the canyon golf course. The Wegewood Weddings and Banquet, Country Club staff was perfect again putting on another elegant wedding event for Jenny and Tom. Here is a sneak peek at a few photos from their wedding. Photos by John W Photography in Corona, CA.

Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 001 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 002 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 003 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 004 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 005 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 006 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 007 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 008 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 009 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 010 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 011 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 012 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 013 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 014 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 015 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 016 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 017 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 018 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 019 Wedgewood_Retreat_Corona_Wedding_Photographer_ 020

Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center
Champion’s Club at The Retreat
Corona, CA

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